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are a brand of silver 925 and Stainless Steel jewellery,

based in Canada.

Simple with attitude,  Minimal with a mighty heart, mias Accessories are designed to captivate the most approachable and defiant of souls.

We sell worldwide.

Our mission is to deliver original designs and products that provide the essence of simplicity while setting trends in fashion accessories. We value quality, creativity, and innovation.

We only work with 


based in Canada

IMG_8100_Facetune_19-01-2021-12-55-03 Ed


the dreamer


I am obsessed with fashion, social networks, and online shops.
miàs has always been my dream. I put everything I love and am passionate about into mias so "SHE" is officially my baby.

I want to inspire women to wear jewellery through meaningful design that enhances their natural beauty - and the environment.

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